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As many of you know I’m obsessed with dice. I collect, love and test dice! I like to keep an ear open for new things and when I heard that Wiz Dice is making a game, I was intrigued. I had to get the game to the table and I was able to do so at GenCon this year. So let’s get to the game!

Dice Wars is a “Dice Based Modular Strategic War Game”. Yes, I did just make up that gaming genre so lets get those royalties started. In the game you have an army based on dice. Your army has three ways to conquer the other armies.

1. Take and hold three cities for three rounds
2. Kill off the Hero (the d12)
3. Destroy the entire army

You start out by laying down nine board pieces. As you can see in the image below, we laid them out in a 3×3 grid, but you can get creative with the shape of the board.

Gameboard area

You are given seven polyhedral dice shapes. The 4-d6s are your hand to hand and archers. The 2-d8s are your magic users. The d12 is your named character or hero die. These will make up your army. As you roll the dice, the symbols on the dice match symbols on the class cards. These cards will show certain abilities for the corresponding dice. The die will act as your token in play for that trooper. This really makes the game interesting because it will help level out the playing field for the novice and the expert. The randomness that the dice keeps more experienced players on their toes. The strategy will have to be developed on the fly based upon the army you rolled up.

DiceWars Prototype Class Dice

Class Card

Class card explained

Battle is done through use of standard dice. For melee or ranged non magical attacks you will use 2 d6 to attack plus any bonuses on the card. The defender will roll 2 d6 plus their defense to defend themselves. This usually makes a good stare down while rolling because no one wants to be the first to let go of their dice. Magic users will use a d20 for damage. While the defender will have a d20 to roll to add to their defense with magically items.

When you take a city as an action you get to randomly pick a city token. The more advanced rules will add relics to the game. This give the holder of that city powers to help them achieve a victory!

The difficult terrain on the board, inhibits movement and slows you down, but there are ways around that. For example, my hero was an Ent and he had the ability to hurl other dice. So when I needed to get my Alchemist to one of my cities to defend it, I used my Ent and hurled her towards the town. When she landed, she took damage and died during battle. But as her swansong, she “Ruptured”. This caused any character dice up to 2 hexes from her to have to re-roll their class. You’ll be able to develop interesting strategies by combining abilities and dice rolls. Remember at any time the other players have those same tools at their disposal. Increasing the need to adapt on the fly to expose new weaknesses.

Quick Reference card showing terrain type

The game itself took us about one and a half hours to play however time just flew by. I wouldn’t say it was a fast paced game but the game play kept me locked into my strategy. I enjoyed being able to tweak my strategy at every turn. The game has a lot of replay value and the simple yet genius design will allow younger players their first taste of war gaming. The time it takes to play makes it a lot quicker and schedule friendly when you just have an hour to kill. Now, would I recommend this game? In a nutshell yes! The price point will be around $50.00 USD and there is already plans for expansions as well. They include new tile pieces, hero cards, and possibly an ability to increase your army size when you make your board bigger. Once I’m able to get my hands on the game I will be doing another review on the manufacturing quality. I will also go over the rules and teach you how to play.

What are dice?

Dice are small polyhedral shapes ranging from numbers between 2-100+ that are thrown in games of chance.


  • Flipping a coin
  • Board games (Monopoly, Clue, ETC)
  • Role-playing games (Dungeons an Dragons, GURPs, Savage Worlds)

Dice have been with us for thousands of years, the assumed oldest die that is in existence right now is about 5000 years old dating about 3000 BCE.

Here is a good timeline to get an idea:



This website will be a place to learn and discuss dice and games that use dice.  Also you will be able to purchase dice from here in the future as well.