Miniature and Model Painting Service

I’ve been painting miniatures for table top gaming for over 20 years and with people asking about me doing commissions for them I decided it was time to get a pay scale.  If you have any questions just message me!

To ensure that I have all the details required to provide you an accurate quote, please email me with as much detail as possible

Ideally I need to know the following

  • What scale is the miniature(s) i.e. 15mm, 28mm (feet to top of head)
  • Manufacturer(s) (if known)
  • Current condition – as new, assembled, base coated
  • Preparation work required – cleaning-up, assembling, paint stripping
  • Any additional work required – conversions, magnetizing, sculpting
  • Basing – (if required) what materials / look do you want
  • Varnishing – Matt, Silk, Gloss
  • Color Scheme(s) – here’s where the detail really counts, feel free to email pics, links to pics, if their historical, which colors / uniforms etc.
  • Time scales – Do you need them for a specific time
  • Full Postal address (delivery address)
  • Email account linked to your Paypal for your invoice

If you’re unsure about any of the above, you want me to aid with the design or have a specific budget to work to, just let me know & we will work together to create your project

Ultimately I want to know what the end result should look like


Email me at